Hello all,

I have a new BM server running NW6.5 SP7 and installed BM 3.9 patched to SP2 - original install used the 3.9 SP1 overlay CD.

I have added all the patches per Craig's document and I am still seeing the abends in proxy.

The server hardware is a Dell PowerEdge 1950 with quad core processor and 4GB of RAM. It has two onboard broadcomm NICs and a quad port Intel NIC.

I have verified files installed - best I can - and the only other thing that jumps out at me is there is a java file that is different from one of my other servers - jncpv2.nlm but I do not believe this is the problem as other servers have the same version without incident.

I currently do have apache running on this BM server but I will be removing the startup files for it after I move the BM plugins to iManager on my primary IManager server.

I will attach the latest abend text.

Steve D.

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