My users all of a sudden can't sync with our mobile server. traced it back to a soap issue. was running fine with GW8hp1 on Netware and Mobile server 2.0.3 on Windows 2003. tried upgrading Mobile server to 3.0.1 to resolve issue but still have the problem. I haven't done any windows server updates in that time frame or made any other system changes that would cause the issue.
all 20 soap threads on POA are open from our mobile server with a state of "Handle Request" and no Groupwise users associated with the threads. Tried shutting down Mobile server and the threads won't clear. only way to clear soap connections is to reset the POA. as soon as POA is reset and the mobile server starts up the soap threads climb to 20 and users are unable to authenticate with a "authentication source offline" error, basically the connection times out waiting for an open thread. I don't see any more details in the Mobile server or Windows server logs.

Joe Smith
DeWitt Public Schools