After reading through different discussions here while checking on mine, a light went on and I was wondering if, instead of making the new server at our junior high a BM server like the old one, I shouldn't create a separate BM server out of the old one to use here at the district office where our filter is and all six buildings go through to get out anyway?

Here is our current configuration: we have two T-1 circuits out to the Internet from this building, I have two servers here, one, the building server, the second is our web/mail (GW8) server. Both are BM 3.8 servers with proxy. Our six buildings are connected via T-1 to this building, so all district workstation's proxies are pointed to one of the two BM servers here. I have a separate IPCop box set up with DanGuardian acting as the CIPA filter and each of the BM proxies is set to use the IPCop box via a Cache Hierarchy Client to check forbidden sites, a concept that we've used for several years without giving it much thought but a noticeable speed degradation(?) at the browser.

Would creating a separate BM server help, and, could I create a BM server using SLES and have the filter on the same box? Or is it time for the looney farm?

Thanks so much for all the help the forums do, many times I've found the answer in a thread similar to what the problem I was having was.