from the login script we start from the first day a BM was installed
here the clntrust.exe through:


This worked nicely, until I applied the BM37FP4d + tcp610ha yesterday:

The clntrust.exe *IS* started, but does not give back control to the
login script.

For the WinXP machines it was fine after # -> @ in login script:


Not so for the Win9x clients: Even this way they hang...

Now I copied back the version from bm47fp4a, dated Sept. 05. 2003 and
everything works smoothly.

BTW: This hang of the login script is too bad: Until all instances of
"Show Results" on all clients are closed, it is impossible to edit the
login script (to insert some 'write "now here" ' to find out where it
hangs) If that is done, that %($)=%$ clntrust.exe is running on all the
XP machines, so that file is opened and cannot be replaced.

Isn't there

1.) a way Novell could code the loginw32.exe to first cache localy the
loginscript and then execute it from there? This would prevent the
effect, that scripts cannot be edited any more, and

2.) to do the same with clntrust.exe: I do not know about *.EXE design,
but might be, that there is some way to start a program so it does
*not* open it's file open at the location it was started from?
Replacement throughout all the sys:public can be really annoying...

Regards, Rudi.