Recently for no apparent reason my bordermanager 3.8 sp2 server has
started abending on dbnet6.nlm (on reboot). It stays in a critical
state. The only way I can get the server up without abending is by
pressing f8 (maintenance mode) and pressing space bar at every command
until I come across 'processing stage 5 of nlms' and I stop dbnet6.nlm
from loading by pressing esc. The server appears to be functioning at
this point. I have tried all advice on novell's knowledge base but none
seem to be relevant. Is there a way to stop the dbnet6.nlm from loading
so I can get my server up properly as some files are not loading as I
stop it when it gets to dbnet6.nlm. Any ideas on how to stop the
abends? I have heard people talk about the abend analyzer where is
this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.