Hi Guys,
i have the following problem with the GMS. First all syncs are ok. After a couple of days new mails are synct but when i delete some mails from Groupwise or from the device (Nokia E71) the delete mails are displayed for the next few days on the device. For information: new mails synct fine, only the delete ones getting not "killed" or "refreshed" in the application.

My solution: Go to the GMS webportal, Login, Check conectivity to the GroupWise System ... Yes all fine. Go to Files and Folder sync, open it, apply no changes. Go back to the postbox ... GMS initiate a "refresh"! All killed Mails are gone. With the next sync on the device there is no delta betwen the "hot GroupWise" and the Nokia E71 Devices or the GMS webportal.

I have check this over 3 weeks it, works but its not a solution!
Any ideas why GMS cannot "refresh" the deletet Mails?

brgds Stefan