after re-installation of BM 3.8 on a NW6 SP5 I look into NBM_Instlog
file and see the following line:

8, Extending Schema for Firewall Services, ERROR, , Run SCHEXT.NLM. For
details see Troubleshooting Guide > Install > Firewall Schema Extension.

I ran SCHEXT, but nothing happens. I try to install it via Import in
Console 1, but errors.

I can start Bordermanager, but I get the following error:
NDSIAddRouterFilter:NDSIFindRouteFilter failed with error :-6001

I reinstall BM on a different server into a different OU, because of
VPN-problems, which I can't fix. Now VPN is running, but this error is

What can I do now?

Volker Ahrens