I'm about to put a new bm 3.7 sp2 box (firewall only) between a wireless
access point (WAP) and my LAN to make things a little more secure. The bm
3.7 box will have 2 nics, 1 to the LAN and one into the WAP device (or do I
need a hub between the bm 3.7 and WAP ?

I want to put a dhcp server on the bm 3.7 box to give the WAP users an IP
address but how do I stop the DHCP giving my LAN users this IP as they
already get theirs from a LAN DHCP.

Can I bind the DHCP on the new bm 3.7 box to the WAP interface ?
Or maybe can i put the DHCP up and somehow stop it giving DHCP's to the LAN
with a rule.

I'd appreciate some advice to point me in the right direction.