GroupWise 7.0.3
GMS 2.0.3
GMS Dashboard reports:
Build Number
Client Pack Version
GMS installed on SLES 10 SP1

I have one user at a branch office with a Palm Treo Pro running
Windows Mobile 6.1. The GMS client will not install on it. He logged
into GMS and used the Send Instructions option, it responded with
"Unable to send your message.". So he downloaded the cab file and
ran the install. During the install, it asked him to login. He entered
the URL of our GMS server, his username and password, and then it
responded with an error: "connection problem". When he clicked Ok, it
said authentication failed.

Any suggestions?

Also, if it is at all related...I was looking through the GMS logs to
see if I could find a clue there. I see a lot of "Unexpected failure
detected: Nested Exception" errors. I am one of the users these are
listed for, but I haven't had any issues with synchronization.

Thanks for the assistance.

Ken Etter does a server good!