Let's say this is the scenario:

NetWare server with NSS and GroupWise (among other things on it)

Migrated to OES2 SP1 Linux using the Migration Utility to transfer files, iPrint, AND ID Transfer.

Obviously with the ID Transfer, you have to shut off the old NetWare server and the new server takes its place.

What I'm wondering is if there's a way to use the GroupWise Migration utility in conjuction with the OES2 SP1 ID Transfer to make things a little easier.

I had fine success without it, just maybe took a little longer.

In other words, can you use the GW Migration Utility to essentially copy the data from old to new, AND lower the case, and then somehow "pause it", finish up with the OES2 SP1 ID transfer and then continue with the GW Migration utility so it will setup the agents and whatnot?

My guess is "no".

Of course, now that I finished my test lab using the ID Transfer, I don't have another system for testing the Gwise Mig. utility with.