Can anyone verify this for me? (I've verified it on two OES2 SP1 servers but I want to be sure):

Let's say you have an NSS structure like:


Now you want to change case so that "Directory" is now: "directory"

If you open a Terminal on the OES2 server and to this, it fails:

cd /media/nss/VOL1
mv Directory directory

You'll get a "can't move to itself" or some such nonsense.

BUT if you try that with an EXT3 or Reiser file system it works fine.

You'll have to do this as a workaround:
mv Directory Directory-old
mv Directory-old directory

Now for my second oddity:

Novell Client 4.91 SP5 on Windows XP SP2 using same OES2 SP1 NSS volume.

After you rename the directory the OES2 machine sees things lower case via ls and whatnot.

But the Windows workstation still sees it as "Directory" for some random time period.

Is there some odd NSS caching thing via NCP that's going on that does this?