I have a VPN connection connecting two sites via a FortiGate Firewall. I've verified that the VPN is working and ?
translating the NATed addresses from one side to the other.?

I can ping all devices on both sides and I can establish a HTTP, Telnet, RDP, etc .... with any of the servers! The ?
problem comes in when I try to use the Novell Client to login??

I have been able to browse for the Tree/Context/Server but, when I put in my username and password, it sits ?
there for 10 minutes and doesn't get a response! Tracing the IPs shows that the traffic is being sent to/from the ?
server on port 524 for the station trying to login??

Is there something I'm missing going over the VPN that Novell is sensitive about? Microsoft allows me to login ?
to remote Hosts? I've made sure that the client is using pure TCP/IP, is the first provider and is using DNS, ?
Hosts to resolve.?

Any ideas would be great.?


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