Hello all,

Hope this is the right forum since it is more a server problem I guess :-)

we are testing ZCM in our environment.
There are two servers here: one MS-SQL2005 and one ZCM-server.
After install we successfully installed update 10.1.3 and the last PRU.

By meaning of a test we then tried to migrate some packages from our old (Zfd 6.5) to the new one using the Zenworks Migration Utility.

We tried 5 packages: 4 small and 1 big
(small is like 500 fill files, big is like 87000 fill files)
The 4 small all migrated like we expected but the large one received a time-out (Exception thrown there was a timeout ...)

Before the migration of the packages the database had a normal cpu utilization.
However, after the failed import of the big package the db server is running at 80-100%.

If we now look in the content-repo\content folder, all the files of the big package that failed are still in this folder.
When searching for the hash of a some files all are found in this content folder.
It looks like all the files uploaded are stil there.
Since the package failed we cannot delete the package in ZCM.

Is there any way that the failure of this migration caused the DB-server to have a high cpu?
Can we delete the files of the failed package?
The problem is that because of this cpu, other applications running on this db-server are responding slow.
Is there a way to check what the ZCM-server and DB-server are doing?

If you guys need more info just ask ...