Once upon a time there was this IT consultant who suggested to use Zenworks to a customer in order to use Dynamic Local User policies.
This seemed like a good idea.
The customer was on OES2SP1.
The consultant downloaded Zenworks 7 fom his customer service page, convinced this was a good version that could be nicely installed onto the customer's NCS cluster.
The consultant talks to a befriended consultant who points out that Zenworks 7 will not support Windows Vista.
Knowing that XP support will end by the end of 2009, the consultant decides to download ZCM. The link to the media on his customer service page for ZCM point to the media of Zenworks 7, so he decides to download the version on the public download site.
Once done, he decides to read to documentation.
To his surprise he makes two mindblowing discoveries.
1. NCS is not supported by ZCM. He has no redundancy for his Zenworks services.
2. OES2SP1 is not supported by ZCM 10.1 SP1. This seems very strange, since OES2SP2 is already out.

The consultant starts to feel somewhat frustrated.
He contacts Novell support to ask what version of ZCM will be usable (without clustering be it) on his OES2SP1.

The answer is ZCM 10.2, available "in a couple of months".

This sounds like a fairy tale, except for the happy end. There are no words for how bad all these versions are tuned to one another.

I'm willing to abandon the cluster functionality for Zenworks, but I don need DLU policy. Can anyone confirm that I can install ZCM 10.1 SP1 on OES2SP1 eventhough not supported?

Thank you!