We have a OES2 test server with GroupWise 7 installed.
X is not installed on Linux
I am looking for a manual procedure to upgrade to GroupWise 8.

This is what I have done so far :

Installed ConsoleOne 1.3.6H on my XP desktop
Install the GroupWise 8 Snapins into ConsoleOne 1.3.6H
Update eDirectory Schema
Create a new GroupWise 8 SDD

Upgraded the Primary Domain (steps below)
- Stopped the Agents etc on server
- Backed up files
- Installed agent files from text based install on server.
- Started up MTA for Primary Domain

Looking at the Domain in C1 still shows version 7. Not sure what else to do to make sure update takes place. Have I left out anything.

After Primary Domain upgraded will do the rest of the system.