We're looking at our backup window and we noticed that the backup is only
getting about 100-120Mbps throughput at most (from netware to netware) which
makes it last a while.
All the servers are connected with gigabit, but I am not sure how well
netware handles this, from what I can tell it has an mtu of 1500 which means
none of the netware servers are using jumboframes.

Our switches support jumboframes up to the access switches which are 10/100,
all the servers are a mix of HP DL360's and DL380's running NW6.5 sp6, does
anyone know how to enable jumboframes on netware and hopefully get some more
performance out of it ?
I'm not sure whats possible with the BX2 and Q57 drivers which are in use on
the proliants.