I am looking to find the best ZCM implementation for our environment. We have about 1,350 workstation in our environment. We are currently using Zen7 for workstation management, imaging, policies, application deployment, and more. Currently we have one NetWare6.5 server that is used for Zenworks.

I am looking at using our Vmware ESX environment to rollout a new ZCM10 server. I have heard good and bad things about installing ZCM10 as a virtual server. With an environment of our size, does it make sense to install just 1 virtualized ZCM server to support all of our needs or is a physical server recommended (why?)? I was also thinking of installing it on a virtualized Linux server and use the built-in database. With the size of my environment, does it make sense to install 2 ZCM servers that point back to a shared database or just re-install ZCM (with the default database) and restore the data. I'm not sure how the ZCM configurations are backed up, but I can only assume you can restore them if needed.

Any suggestions or ideas from your installations of this product would be most helpful as I look at rolling out ZCM10 this summer and start the migration process.