I am new to ZCM 10.1.3 and want to use ZCM to install the Novell client 4.91 SP4.

I created a File bundle (NWClientInstall) and picked "Install Directory".
-Source Directory is my network path (and I want the folder be uploaded to ZCM server)
-Destination Directory=c:\Novell (and I assume the install will be copied to the managed device as c:\novell\NWclient491 folder
-Copy option=Copy Always

When I assign the bundle to the device, I checked on "Distribute Schedule" and "Launch Schedule". The Distribute schedule=Now and checked on "Install Immediately after distribution. The Launch Schedule=Event (when device boot).

The bundle is distributed and launched properly as I can see c:\novell\NWclient491 folder on the manged device but the Novell client does not install by itself.

Since my goal is to actually install the Novell client, what steps did I miss on the bundle setting?

Also, we have default setting to set the tree name and default server which I know the registry key. Do I create a separate bundle for updating the Novell client setting?

Thanks in advance.