I moved my old server to the esx3.5U4. If the VM NW6.5SP8 starts it says:
Loading Bootstrap...
Starting Caldera DR-DOS...
Can't load BDOS kernel file in C:\IBMDOS.com
After that i deleted the DOS Partition and installed with MSdos6.22 (Fdisk,Format,SYS c:) then it cames with one line MS DOS 6.22 starting and it hangs.
Now I decided to install a new Fresh NW6.5sp8 install. This went fast and without errrors. But if I start the new VM, I get the same Error
Can't load BDOS kernel file c:\IBMDOS.com.
Who has a solution for that? The VM has standard default Hardware settings LSI SCSI Busadapter.

Thanks a lot!