Howdy All,
We are trying to do a data migration from a Netware 6.5 SP8 server to a
SLES 10 SP2 OES SP1 server using the Migration Tool from the OES2 server.
At first we were having SMDR issues, but I finally figured those out late
Friday night. The issue now is that when you eneter all the info for the
Target OES 2 server, it gives an error dealing with the Root password being
incorrect. Well, it's correct. It's what I used to login to the server.
So, any ideas on why it won't accept the password? If i leave that one
blank, it says it can't be blank. I have also tried to launch the miggui
tool, both from cmd line and GUI as the eDir Admin account, which is LUN
enabled, and it wouldn't even launch. Even if I did an su. Now, the
Netware login works just fine. Stuck again, so any help is appreciated.
Otherwise, I have to place a support call tomorrow. I have 100 GB of data
to move before Monday morning. Thanks.