I recently routed our GW7.03 mail server through our old BM3.8 nw6.5sp5 box to enable the deservicing of an end of lease BMbox.

After setting up the new bm server (nw6.5sp9 and BM3.9sp1 overlay cd) I then changed the default route of the GW7 box to the new internal ip address and modified DNS to reflect the changes to the external (ips). I use NAT to route mail on the BM box.

Unfortunately the Mail server would not send or receive mail...I unloaded the filters and filtsrv to test...still no mail in or out. I am able to ping the BM box from the mail server. I can also resolve DNS using nslookup. The GWIA reports 450 Host down errors.

I have changed DNS and default route back to the old (temp)BM server and all services are fine.

Any clues as to why the GWIA does not 'like' the new BM server would be appreciated.