Hi, I run OES 1 with groupwise and ifolder on it (SLES9). Recently ifolder stopped working, after much looking around I found I was hit by the certificiate expiry problem which apparently always happens after 2 years in OES. However good documentation is quite scarce.

I have gone through the document at Recreating Server Certificates on OES Linux - CoolSolutionsWiki which seemed to work (though while I've re-created a cert and it now expires two years in the future, I'm not sure it has quite the right config on it) but now groupwise web access complains about it's certificate, I've got a few errors in /var/log/messages and I'm generally worried about how it all ties together.

Can someone explain to me how the certs all tie in with everything and when one expires what I should be doing to the system as a whole? After that, maybe, just maybe I can look at getting ifolder to work. :)