I'm new at Novell and BorderManager. I'm attempting to install BorderManager 3.8 and I'm having a problem. I'm at the section, "Choices for VPN Schema Extension" and I have two choices "Use Clear Text Password" or"Use SSL for Schema Extension".

I want to use clear text, but I get an error message that says, "You have selected celartext passswords. However, Allow Clear Text Passwords is not enabled in ConsoleOne. Please check Allow Clear Text Password in ConsoleOne."

It also says, "Note that for Schema Extension to succeed in this mode, you must have cleartext password enabled in ConsoleOne. To ensure this, go to ConsoleOne, right-click LDAP Group Object of your server, select properties, and check "Allow Cleartext Passwords."

I've gone into ConsoleOne, but for the life of me do not know what I'm looking for. I don't know where this LDAP Group Object is or what it should be called, so I can't set this option to allow cleartext passwords. Can someone please help? Thanks.