We have set up BM 3.8 and seems to be working fine. I have recently
been playing with the logging function and currently have both common
and extended logging turned on. I am attempting to get "webalizer" to
automagically parse the logfile(s) but I'm having a problem with the URL

By default a httpd common log file stores data as such:

192.168.x.y - - [01/Dec/2004:15:59:19 -0600] "GET
/restructuring/faculty.html HTTP/1.1" 200 47199

The complete URL is not supplied because it is actually on that server.
Is there some way to get the logging function of BorderManager to
include the complete URL string that a user is going to Ie, something like:

192.168.x.y - - [01/Dec/2004:15:59:19 -0600] "GET
http://blah.site.blah/restructuring/faculty.html HTTP/1.1" 200 47199


-- James