Hi everyone, this is a bit of an odd scenario that I've inherited.

4 sites, all running at least one NW6 file server, and one NW6/BM37 server.
Sites are connected via an 11Mb wireless WAN, VPNed together using Cisco
3600 and 2600 routers. Each site is in its own NDS tree. From any site I
can access files on any other site's NW6 server, both read and write.
However, we cannot access any file on another site's BM37 server, unless the
file size is fairly small, like 1000 bytes or smaller. Therefore we cannot
copy the BM37 log files to our main office for review. Not a good

I've been looking at this off and on for several weeks. One thing I'm
considering is that copyable files seem to be small enough to fit into a
single Ethernet packet. Other theories are welcome!

FWIW I'm still fairly new here and don't have my complete tool kit yet. So
I still don't have a laptop, packet analyzer, etc. But the time is

Thanks for any suggestions!

Roger Kresge
Network Administrator
York Suburban School District
York, PA

P.S. And another thing. I've got two different UPS monitoring products,
APC's PowerChute Network Shutdown, and Liebert's MultiLink 3.5. Neither one
of these products - both of which use Java either during the install or when
running - will work on my BorderManager servers. They work fine on plain
ordinary NW6 servers. Both products generate a JNET.NLM [UNRESOLVED] error
when the Java JNET.NLM module is loaded. Again, this is *only* on the BM37
servers. So far this one has me puzzled, too. - Roger