Not sure what the cause of this was but today websites stopped resolving out
of the blue. We have had not problems with dns for many months. I tried an
'rcnamed stop|start" with no luck. I was able to get sites to load if I
knew the IP address so that confirmed it for me that it was a dns issue and
not an isp/router issue. I also tried a server reboot with no luck.

For the short term I changed the dns server in YAST from to
That seems to have fixed things for the short term. People can now get to
the web. However remote connections coming in to our Remote Desktop and GW
Web time out.

I'm not totally adept at dns so I'm not sure where to look now for a
solution. I apologize if I'm omitting anything in my description.

I need to figure out why our server's dns crapped out and how to get it
working again. I also need to figure out how to get remote connections back
as well.