I am a CNE with several older border rollouts under my belt. In this case,
I have a customer that has a fair sized environment (1200 students)that
they would like to utilize Borders client trust feature only (they are an
educational cust)to "lock down" internet access. They have a large PIX as
the firewall as well as a packeteer 6500 packe shaping device, in pass
thru mode single IP.

My plan is to place the border box between the 6500 and the PIX? Any

What I am trying to aviod is to set up a double nat for the services that
are alerady confiured on the PIX, on the border box.

Can border 3.8 be set up in a kind of pass thru mode to take advantage of
client trust but not act a firewall (I kow I can unload/remove the
filters, I am trying to aviod the NAT). Kind of like a pass
thru/authentication system?

Any help/Ideas would be greatly appreciated!