Has anyone tried to use the alt-servers.properties file with AD and
ZCM 10.1.3? I have some questions.

The System Admin Manual sec. 10.5 provides no other info, other than
what's already in the properties file (doc enhancement request?)
It's clearly made for only eDir. And it seems that the file
invalidates what's entered in ZCC for some strange reason (enhancement

What I'm worried about is the following statement from the file:

"Performance will be impacted if one or more of the servers at the top
of the list are down, as ZENworks attempts to connect to the servers
in order. This is particularly true of the CASA authentication token
service, which is contacted when a user tries to log in to ZENworks on
a workstation."

So, does this mean, that EVERY user login will have to time-out to the
first LDAP server on the list, before trying the next one? (and how
long is that?)
Shouldn't ZCM put it in some sort of timed quarantine before trying it

And what will the syntax in the properties file be for AD?

I have 2 AD servers at "test1.cust1.local" and "test2.cust1.local",
that uses port 389 with a root LDAP Context at "dc=cust1.dc=local" and
a user context at "/cust1.local/MAIN". The AD is called "cust1.local".
This works through ZCC.

Then I tried the following in alt-servers.properties (with no luck):

# [user-source-name]=\
# [host1]:[port] \
# [host2]:[port] \
# [host3]:[port]
test1.cust1.local:389 \
test2.cust1.local:389 \

What's up with the HOST3 in the example? Does it have "\" left out on
purpose? And why does it have an "\" in the first place? The users are
located in the same place on both servers (obviously).
And why "\" and not "/"? ZCC denotes "/" in user contexts.