The above setting as 3 values: Auto, Always, Never

Scenario is I am hiding the w/s only checkbox and it is unchecked by default. With the setting at Auto, the user is not offered to login locally ("Would you like to login to Windows" Yes/No Dialog) if eDir login failed. This is expected.

However, setting it to Always *should* prompt the user to login to Windows if eDir login failed but it does not. It only does this if I unplug the network cable giving tree/server not found and it offers to do a local login.

It seems the definition of "eDir login failed" is subjective. It seems if the login failed because of invalid credentials, it won't present the Yes/No dialog to login locally. If it failed because eDir was not available, then it will present the dialog.

To my mind it should present the local login dialog even when eDir login failed because of invalid creds.

Novell Client 4.91 SP5 with post-SP5 patches.

Thanks for any advice.