Does ZCM 10 SP2 change the registration process in any way ?

In my environment we run the agent installation via a script after our
machines have been cloned using Ghost.

I was told this is the best way of doing this, and most fail safe.

I have used zac fsg -d which does not do the job. From my point of view
the agent is not installed as part of the image anyway so I don't
understand why I even need to run this.

In 10.1.3 the zac reg http://server works 100% of the time, so something
is good.

However automatic registration is a thing of the past since moving to

At times deleting the device out of the ZCM 10 database works. Sometimes
it just registers automatically which is a 50/50. And then
the zac reg command needs to be used on all the rest.

It's dissapointing general users cannot use their accounts to register
the device. Considering we have an automated system and only 50/50
register automatically the process is not clock work. Our helpdesk is
flat out with this product. Total cost of ownership becomes just a term.

I can see the product becoming more stable with 10.1.3 but registration
is probably the most important thing, and this is really hit and miss.
I don't understand why I need to remove image safe data, as I said our
agents are installed via a script after the imaging process.

Its very frustrating, as I'm sure everyone is feeling. I just hope SP2
offers me some relief, but deep down I'm not overly confident.