I'm wondering if there are any special tricks to get ZCM running correctly
on 2008? I've built my first primary on 2008 Enterprise 64-bit. I have a
second primary on 2003 R2 Enterprise 32-bit to supply reporting. The docs
say 2008 is supported but I'm having some issues. One big one appears to be
with bundles that include uploaded files. When uploads, including
migrations, are directed at the 2008 server, they never become available.
When directed at the 2003 server, they 'always' become available on the 2003
server but rarely do so on the 2008 server. Bundles do not deliver files
when the client is directed to the 2008 server. If this cannot be figured
out, I'll have to try to replace the primary with a 2003 R2 server.