I have an unusual problem to which I'm hoping someone will have a simple
We have a S2S VPN set up with a remote office, three users at the remote
office. At the main office, we were getting random and periodic network
shutdowns - that is, workstations at the main office were getting
disconnnected from and kicked off the network for no reason. I believe
we have narrowed it down that these disconnects and shutdowns occur
whenever the the users at the remote office are logging into or out of
the network over the VPN. A couple of the programs running over the VPN
are database-intensive, and we believe that these intensive connections
are somehow crowding out Main Office users. We are not sure on this,
but the Main office disconnects always seem to occur at the same time
the remote office VPN users are doing some heavy-duty logins to programs
based on the Main office server.

Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

Chip Reinhardt