Our company is project-based. As projects are completed, they are
removed from the server and stored on DVDs. Depending upon the size
of project, some projects require multiple DVDs and some DVDs can hold
multiple projects. I end up making multiple copies of the DVDs - one
for each office, plus an additional backup copy. I'm investigating
alternatives - I was wondering whether it might be possible to throw
all these archived projects on a hard drive or two and connect them to
the network. My thought was to have an onsite set of drives and an
offsite set of drives for backup purposes. I currently have 320 GB
archived - but this will keep growing. I would want everyone to have
read-only access to this drive so nothing was accidentally deleted. I
don't need fast access. A large USB drive might work. I'm currently
running NetWare 6.5 sp7 on all the servers. My current DVD solution
is low cost/low tech (the only expense is time to create all the
DVDs). I would like a low cost/low tech solution to replace it.


Novell....it does a server good!