I'm THINKING about this, not sure if it'll happen though.

Let's say I have a Netware cluster for things like iPrint, GroupWise, and files.

Some file resources and groupwise aren't utilized that heavily (given the server hardware we have them on).

I was THINKING about as we upgrade to OES2 SP1 Linux clustering of putting some of the resources in a XEN VM And clustering that as a resource.

So I guess my questions:

1) I obviously need to install SLES/OES in the XEN VM, but then can I simply mount the pre-existing NSS volume from NetWare into the XEN VM (just as if I were migrating it to a physical OES Linux cluster node)? Obviously if it's groupwise, I'd install the Linux agents, etc.

2) Should I even consider this setup? I'm thinking it would be slightly better to isolate things (web services, I could then maybe run ZCM in a XEN VM, etc.) Plus that way I could 64-bit the physical hosts and if I wanted 32-bit vm's I can.

I've just had some bad luck with 64-bit "everything" (you find stuff that's not compiled or doesn't play nice, etc.) We do use third-party stuff for backup and AV, so you never know.