We are haveing trouble getting clntrust to to work on our tiwnPCs

A TwinPC is one computer with 2 monitors, 2 keyboards, 2 mice, and 2
sets of speakers, it allows 2 users to log on and work simultaneously on
the same system. Surf the Internet while another user watches a movie;
play a full screen 3D game while someone else types a paper..ect.
(more info here http://www.howardcomputers.com click on twinPC)

The first person to log into the machine gets the clntrust app, the
other person gets an error message.

for example: if admin logs in on one side of the machine, he gets
clntrust and internet access. If bob comes and logs into the other
side of the machine he gets an error message and clntrust closes, but he
can still get to the internet, even though he is supposed to be blocked
from getting to the internet through BorderManager and CLNTRUST. When
admin logs out, bob stops getting internet access.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem.