I am trying to install GW8 evaluation on an OES Linux server to convince my boss that it's time to move on from NetMail and, more pertinently, that GroupWise is where she wants to go with it (as opposed to Exchange or Domino or any other the other names I've heard dropped by various parties).

I've installed OES Linux 2 SP1 on a physical server and the base install of GroupWise went well. I can connect via my client and send/receive email between a test domain I'm working with and real domains out there. So far so good.

However, I'm trying to install WebAccess Application and I get to the very end where it is creating the WebAccess Objects and I receive the following message:

"An attempt to add an object to the directory failed (ad25)."

When I double check what's there in ConsoleOne, I do see that it adds "GroupWiseDocumentProvider", "GroupWiseProvider" and "LDAPProvider" in the context I specified so it's adding something in.

The GW8 troubleshooting guide comments on the ad25 error suggest I am either typing in the context wrong (which I doubt as I browse there and it's creating some objects there), the context doesn't exist (which, again, isn't the case when I can find things there) or I typed an alias instead of a distinguished name (which, again, between browsing there and some objects being created I have my doubts about).

I've seen GW7 forum posts involving replicas for the LDAP lookup, but the LDAP server I am specifying has the master copy of the root replica. I've not seen any GW8 references to this error yet.

Anyone have any idea what I'm missing or doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated, and thanks in advance!