I am working with an older BM server that has gone through a number of
upgrades through the years. Currently it is running BM3.8 sp5. A few years
ago, because the SYS volume was too small, it was expanded by using VCU to
move it to another hard disk which had more room. As part of the process
the new SYS volume is now on an NSS partition and the original SYS volume
was renamed SYS_OLD. The cache volumes are still traditional volumes. The
disk which houses SYS_OLD has become a bit flakey and I am planning to
remove it. However, whenever I dismount SYS_OLD I get a message that TTS is
being shut down because the TTS backout volume, SYS_OLD is being dismounted.
Does TTS need to be runnning on the BM server? If it does need to be
running how do I move the backout file to another volume? If it doesn't
need to be running what is the proper way to disable it?

Thank you,

Brad Johnson

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