Is there any way to inherit POSIX rigths on clustered EVMS volume in OES2 SP1?
We are going to migrate our Pervasive SQL servers (yes, they serve BTRIEVE files) from NW6.5 to OES2SP1 Linux. Pervasive daemons run as user psql, so it should have read/write permissions on all files/dirs created by NCP users.
Everything works fine on single machine with NCP volume created on native Linux fs (our tests show that NSS volumes are much slower on btrieve operations).
But in clustered environment i can't make NCP volume with "Inherit_POSIX_Permissions" attribute and btrieve daemon can't access files/dirs created by users until admin changes owner/right on them. Making user psql LUM-enabled (instead of local linux user) and giving him rw rights in eDir has no effect. Also, i played with POSIX ACLs - no luck.
Documentations says:
For clustered NCP volumes, an option to set Inherit POSIX Permissions in the cluster load script is planned for OES 2 SP2 Linux. Contact Novell Support if you need to enable the Inherit POSIX Permissions option for a clustered NCP volume on OES 2 SP1 Linux.

So, are anyone knows how to enable this option or may be some workaround to solve our problem?