We have a BM 3.7 sp1 server running on NW 6 sp4 with edir 8.6.2. The
server runs a VPN, proxy, filters, Access Control, Surf Control & a series
of NATs. The server holds a replica of our root partition. We have seen
that the server has recently started running in the 90-100% utilization
range and is causing extremely slow logins on our system. The question
is - is it possible to move this server to another container, probably a
new one with nothing else in it and get the root replicas off of this
box? What are the catches to this kind of move - can you move the NBM
Rule Container or is it better to remigrate the filters? Does a move have
any affect on the ACL?

One other option we have discussed is adding a 2nd processor to this box
to help with the edir traffic. Is this a viable option?

Our long term plan is to upgrade to a new server, but we need a short term
fix for the problem. Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.