Hello all (and probably especially Rainer).

I am currently examining how to do phased rollouts of updates with ZLM, presently for SLES10 SP2 systems.

It doesn't seem to work quite the way I would like, unfortunately. Let me illustrate how I would like it to work and then I would appreciate any help I can get to get close to that scenario:

We have zlmmirror running once a day, updating the *-patches folders and catalogs.
I would like to be able to move all bundles that I have not assigned to anything to a subfolder so I know that those are the ones I have not rolled out yet (and may never).
When I assign bundles to a bundle group, I would move said bundles to a different folder, say: 2009/April below the SLES10-SP2-Updates-patches folder.

So far, all is well, but when zlmmirror runs next time, it seems to add the patch-bundles I have moved to a subfolder to the root folder again, which makes my attempt at keeping track of what I have done with what bundles near impossible.

Ideally I would like to have a structure like this:

`- 2009
`- January
`- February
`- Unbundled

When actual new patches show up, they will be in the root folder (SLES10-SP2-Updates-patches) where I decide what to do with them.

Is this possible to achieve? I had hoped that zlmmirror would *just know* that the patches were present in a subfolder and be happy with that.
I believe the folders are all virtual anyway, so I don't quite understand why this *isn't* the case.

I have tried to find documentation that illuminates this area on novell.com/documentation, but I have not found anything that goes in-depth with the bundle handling.

I hope this is possible in some way. How do you guys keep track of which bundles have already been applied and which have not?