For a while I have had some errors coming up in certain areas of the ZCC
interface. I get errors in ZCC when adding assignments to bundles or
policies. On final step of assigning bundle the following error appears: The
wizard cannot continue for the following reason(s): Unable to complete your
request for the following reason: assignments.creation.failed. If I hit
finish again it will assign the bundle or policy. Also if I try to assign a
vulnerability to a machine it acts like it was assigned but it is not. If I
go back and do it again then it works. Also if I go to the configuration
page in ZCC I always get the following error. Query failed.:
com.novell.zenworks.datamodel.exceptions.ObjectNot FoundException:
/~credentials~ See the ZENworks Control Center log file (zcc.log) for the
full stack trace.. These errors have been on my system since 10.1 but not a
show stopper. Any vulnerability or bundle assignment will work after the
error has happened once in the current session. Have lived with this issue
since 10.1 and it just an annoyance right now. Worried when I go to 10.2
this might cause some real problems.

By digging around and previous forum posts it seems I am missing some lines
in the oZENObject table. Looks like back when I updated to 10.1 these lines
were never added to the database. Went back and looked in my upgrade log
for 10.1 but no errors. I am guessing a SQL package or JAR file did not run
properly during the upgrade.

I was able to compare my oZENObject table to a fresh install of 10.1 I did
on a VM server. I am missing at minimum the following lines.

ZUID,Name,ParentUID,Path,PrimaryType,SubType,Gener alType,Undeletable,ErrorWarningStatus,ComplianceSt atus,Description
0xa9c0e1650b634654f6ab092906fd7c15,'~credentials~' ,,'/~credentials~','Folder','External
Credential Folder',0,1,1,1,' '
0x1e86c88e45b9ec300386643d07b52806,'~imagingUpdate s~',,'/~imagingUpdates~','Folder','ImagingUpdates
Folder',0,1,1,1,' '
Folder',0,1,1,1,' '

I could and them into my table but not sure what the ZUIDs are linked to.
How are the ZUIDs generated?. Any SQL or jars files I could run now to get
the table up to snuff? Dig one out of my 10.1 DVD?

I have a case open on this but it seems to be coming to a dead end.

System Windows 2003 Server fully patched
ZCM 10.1.3

Best Regards,
Jim Koerner