I have a bunch of errors in the Storage Manager Engine screen on the
console that say "Unable to find policy () in cache". I have a feeling
this may be related to what I did yesterday.

We had text files of unusual sizes (around 500 MB each) occurring in the
directory SYS\Factory\DBase\Translog. The server was slowed to a crawl,
and the volume SYS was entirely out of disk space. Being the dashing
sysadmin I am, I stopped NSM, removed those text files, and the server
was still crawling. I restarted the server, and it came back up proper,
putting things back into the event queue.

I then found from another post in this newsgroup that files in Translog
represent pending jobs. Could it be that files in Translog also represent
policies in cache? How do I get my policies back into cache?

Many thanks,

Paul Nuffer