Hi. A border manager at one of our schools crashed. It was giving disk
boot failure. I was able to boot from a regular win98 boot disk, and
change to c:\nwserver and run server. All seemed fine when I did this
(server was back up and running fine). Netware version 5.1, BM 3.7.

There are 2 hdd in the server, the primary(40gb) only contains the dos
partition, whereas the secondary(20gb) contains sys and cache. I took a
new 40gb hdd and created a dos partition on it, then used 'server image'
to copy the sys and cache volumes to it. I then coppied the dos partition
to it as well. I am now using the new 40gb with the dos partition and sys
and cache volumes. I can still boot off a floppy and the server runs
fine, but the proxy server won't auto load. I have to type 'proxy' at the
console to get it to run. I am getting licencing errors now and internet
is down(shows red bordermanager page).

Why would I be getting licencing errors after using server image? Also,
what would be the best way to fix the dos partion so it will boot?