We recently been upgraded few news printers; Kyocera FS 4020 DN.

For some reasons jobs keeps getting queued up; printer says READY and when I tried to ping the printer; it's says requested time out ! But the link light is constant green and activity is flashing.

Upon re-starting the printers, jobs starts printing out again which had been queued.

Using the latest Kyocera KX printer driver with Novell iprint client 4.38 on Windows XP.

The server is patched with sp7b so far and we are using pcounter 5.29C

My question to fix this? How much RAM Disk is required or does RAM DISK cause such a problem? Currently on 4MB and the older printers are on 32MB which are not experiencing such a problem.

The printer has standard 128mb ram and 4mb Ram Disk where as the older model has standared 128mb ram and 32mb ram.