With GroupWise 7.x I have been using LDAP authentication (SSL) in failover mode by entering multiple LDAP servers into the LDAP Server Address "DNS host name field". In this way if the first LDAP server does not respond then the second LDAP server will be tried and so on until the end of the list is reached. This is all being done using a single cert since all LDAP servers are in the same tree.

Example of entry:

DNS Host Name ldapserver.mydomain.com

With GroupWise 8.0 hp1 this seems to be broken. If multiple address are specified as above the POA reports Unable to reach LDAP Server Error 8927. If I leave off the :636 the first address will be used but the second address will never come into play. If I use a single address or DNS name it works but now it appears that I have no failover using SSL !