I had purchased the Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Administration Course 3062 Self-Study kit & so far I haven’t gotten very far in it until I ran into problems.
Everything went as instructed up to the point of installing the DA-Zen Linux server on page Workbook intro – 15. The actual booting up the server went ok but the login information username: admin & password: novell stated on page Workbook intro – 17 was incorrect. I was able to login by using username: root & password: n0v3ll.
This brings me up to the next step of the workbook which is Install Personality Migration on the DA-ZEN Server on page Workbook intro – 17. Everything went as instructed except until I reach step 11 on page Workbook intro – 18 which has you enter the path for the installation which is \\Da-zen\DATA\Ddna it the brings up the following error:

The specified:
Is invalid, incomplete or write protected. Please type a full path with drive letter; for example ‘C:\Apps’

I have started over completely 3 three times & when I reach this point of the training I always get the same error.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a solution for this? I tried contacting Novell via phone but they haven’t got back to me. I could not find any self- study training support on their website.

I did see a post in 2006 with the same issue as I am having but after the poster found a resolution he did post the resolution.

Any help would be appreciated