I've got a question about the nds.conf file and how it should look in a 2 node cluster.

Installation consists of 2 nodes of sles 10 sp2 oes 2 sp1.
So far it has dhcp and the master resource cluster ip set up as clustered.
Thing is when i look in nds.conf the configuration option to set the primary interface n4u.server.interfaces only contains the master resource ip and not the local machines ip. This is true for both nodes.
Is this correct? In my mind it should atleast contain the IP adress of the local interface and perhaps also the ip adress of the cluster since the the cluster ip will only be available to 1 of the nodes at any one time anyway.

eDirectory itself is not clustered. We do want to use the cluster ip to access some resources though.

Could someone who's got a 2 node cluster check their nds.conf file and check their n4u.server.interfaces and see how yours is set up?