NW 5.1 SP7, one main public address, single server running BM 3.6, http
proxy, vpn site server.

Added a secondary ipaddress NAT'ed it to a private side address for a
workstation, all was well with the world.

Problem: if I DELETE SECONDARY IPADDRESS <x.x.x.x> and don't do anything
else, nothing tcp related works properly any longer - filters don't
function right, can't browse the internet from a workstation, etc. Same
thing if I comment out the ADD SECONDARY IPADDRESS line and restart the
server, all hell breaks loose - but if add it manually, all is well

Why? (The NAT, filters, etc., are all still in place, I'm only deleting
the secondary IP - do I have to go through and remove all traces of
this - so it would seem?)

Comments solicited, and thanks in advance.