Not too proficient in DNS so looking for some advice.
We have a internal DNS server running on Suse OES.
What we would like to do is to have a domain name that can be reached from both the internal network and the internet.
We want Groupwise laptop users to be able to connect from both the internet and from multiple subnets on our local network. If we enter the mail.mycompany.org address it works fine as long as the gateway (router) is set to our internet router which has the ip of my.company.com. But if I send users over a different gateway to access the internet on a different subnet, then they can't connect to Groupwise locally with the domain name. They get routed all the way around through the internet and back in. It does work if I put the local ip address in their client.
Is it acceptable to create an internal zone with our external domain name pointing to the internal ip address?
The current zones are just our internal domain, the reverse zone and the root servers.