We are about to upgrade a mixed 3.6/3.7 BM VPN, 1 Master and 6 Slaves to
3.8, gradually migrating S2S from SKIP to IKE.

When we originally set this up we opted to create a separate tree at every
site, mainly to reduce inter-site NDS traffic.

We have just built the new 3.8 Master with a different tree name so not to
interfere with the 3.6/3.7 trees. The plan is NOT to upgrade the existing
BM config (i.e. using the inplace method) but install a completely fresh
3.8 config in parallel.

What we would ideally like to do is have one tree for all BM Servers,
mainly to ease administration and the need for duplicate users etc.
These servers are inter-connected using DSL and ISDN 128K technologies.

I know this is technically possible but generally in the past not recommended.

With NetWare 6.5 and WAN Traffic Manager would this now be achievable, or
is one tree still not recommended across the C2S VPN?

All ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated...